World Peace Table Society

World Peace Table Society is a concept to bring together macroeconomic experts and just folks with interest allowing them to think in macroeconomic terms making useful models that work in the post-quantitative eased financial crisis (2023), although the realization of such was over 20 years ago with unruly mortgage lending.

The realization of mature careful modeling of future quantitative easing has grown to estimate that a society can be created with the popular growth of concerned folks, adding with the possibility that peace is possible with world prosperity (every country having prosperity), with the thoughtful focus of countries economists

With our creative reflection, we can make the world a better place peace and prosperity

Blogs by William J. Smith III

Davos Economic Forum World Peace

Davos and Me

  To be honest I don’t know much about Davos, although this year I have done some YouTube watching( I invented YouTube)(ask Chad Hurley) and see its similarity to the…

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Quantitative Season is over

Quantitative season is over for now.

It’s now the season to lower the money supply. Excessive money creates more demand to a service or product causing raising prices. Of course, the Ukraine crisis with Russia involved…

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I remember those days of nuclear war threats as a young child
Russia Invades the Dollar The World Peace Table Society

Russia invades the Dollar

The danger which I mentioned at the end of the last blog is here,  that is Russia invading Ukraine.  It’s a plan to demise the dollar and that is it,…

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Necessary Money Printing

Necessary Money Printing

For many years I feared an economic catastrophe and now it has arrived, and our solutions seem to be qualitative easing, printing money, sort of an odd solution to running…

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Together, we can create a world where everyone can thrive and live in peace

At the World Peace Table Society, we believe that a better world is possible. Our mission is to create a forum for positive change and global impact by working towards the elimination of poverty and promoting prosperity worldwide. We believe that by being vigilant of world currencies and their quantitative easing, we can ensure both individual and collective prosperity.

It is Imperative to Monitor World Currencies: Why Our Collective Prosperity Depends On It

  • Help us build a better future for generations to come through the World Peace Table Society
  • Empower yourself and others to make a positive impact in the world
  • Be part of a movement for peace, justice, and equality on a global scale
The World Peace Table Society